miercuri, 27 noiembrie 2013


what if
I'll never find you
in this crowded world
with such a space

in fact,
maybe this is better
to never find
a you

would be better
to stay alone,
alone in the world
just me

saw that is better
life showed me
and i agree

miercuri, 19 decembrie 2012

Memory must stay in the past..

i can remeber remember your voice
from my heart
voice of a liar...
your lips touching the air
saying those words
which were only lies....

memories bring
all that lying
back to present
where doesn't belong

it has to stay there
back to the liar
and never come back
into here..

i'm sick when only thinking
all to do is drinking
to take it far away
from memory..

all memories
must stay
only in the

luni, 27 august 2012

Full thoughts...

I'm thinking you
Why is it true?
I can't stop it
It's like a hit
Hurts anytime..

Nothing else
nothing seems
to come in
my brain...
Only you're there...

duminică, 26 august 2012


It really sucks to be disappointed right?
Is like in a country where rains all day long, can explain it... you know?
it's a feeling composed of many others
other bad feelings
the worst is when the least person you expect to disappoint you....finally it does it
and that person is yourself....
the only person that can disappoint you the worst...
another bad thing is that the past remains the same...nobody can change it
the only thing we can change is the future...
so we should try to give us the best of it...
just an advice...

duminică, 19 august 2012

My inspiration....

Gosh....I don't know why...or I'm not sure of the answer but I'm really sorry 'cause I can't write all the time or more. It happens that I can write only if something bad or something not too god too me is happening to me. Or only when I'm nervous or something like that..... I just have inspiration only then...I saw that I have wrote a long time ago (last year) many things/poems...even if they're not quite good and I even started more than those, but I didn't have any idea how to continue or finish them. This sucks...'cause I really like the moments when I write....are just...I know that sounds funny.....but are like magic to me.....because I'm escaping from this world for a few/some moments...and from these moments, results something precious for me, even if it means nothing or some "nothing" to others. I remember I started writing "poems"...('cause I'm not sure if they can be called this way) in my last year of (in the middle of it) of high school.....and I think it was then because I was stressed out about the exams that were coming....and I was writing at first in some notebooks from school, at the last pages or on some simply sheets....because I was bored sometimes. But, even so, I didn't posted them anywhere on the internet....only I showed some of them at some close friends. One day, I was talking with a friend of mine, on the internet from other town....I told him that I'd like to post them somewhere, but I was kinda afraid.....because these aren't really "poems" or good enough. I showed him some....and he said that I should post them, no matte what, only because I want so....and even I didn't wanted at first, he finally convinced me to make blog, which is this old blog which is left lonely with no posts for many months....that's only because I don't have inspiration or not enough or only not in the right time... .I know this is not interesting for anyone to read, but I just posted it because I wanted so.....and again, I'm in lack of inspiration....

joi, 16 august 2012

S a f

for some, sorry is only a word
others can be healed by it
after being hit with a sword
in their heart...

to apologize is even harder
and some don't even bother
to use it properly when needed
at right time...

sometimes you need to be forgiven
and also to forgive
even if it has to deserve
it's always a good choice...

sâmbătă, 4 februarie 2012


You wake up in the morning
and everything seems right
outside the sun is shining,
but you can't see it's bright

something in you was beating
like never before
you knew there it was a thing
which you couldn't control

you've never realized
that you can have feelings
a thing you never had
for u are brand new things

you'll try to find a way
to don't recognize it
and you'll never say
that you've been hit...

for you, love doesn't exist
is only a disease
one u want to get rid
your heart u want to freeze...

but to late....your heart is already made by rock...