miercuri, 16 martie 2011


Here I am
and there you are
and you don't even care
that my place is the same,
and very far from you...

Something is happening
Between me and you
but both don't know
about this something
only a pain in the heart....

This something is in our souls
and makes our hearts beat harder
and we can't find any reasons
for these symptoms
that we have....

4 comentarii:

  1. Putin lucrata Engleza si o s fie si mai bine ^_^ in rest este f frumusica ;)) Bv

  2. incers sa reformulez engleza in asa fel incat sa iasa rimele.. :D si ms :P

  3. nu ai pt ce imi place poezia :X ii da un aer bacovian :-> :)) :* ms si d commentu d p blogu meu ^^