sâmbătă, 16 aprilie 2011

A love for a second...

Here I am
In the last moment of my life:
She shot me and killed myself
The time is not the same,
it changed, is strange...

I'm there now:
In the past,
With you, my soul-mate
And I don't know how,
to stop the time, to be more with you...

I'm sorry
'Cause my heart have beaten
for you, only for a moment...
We should have hurry
For more time for us....

Again, I'm here
But out of my body
'Cause I can see me
On the floor,
with blood around my heart...

I can see you there too
Your eyes are tearing
Your heart is bleeding
And the only thing you want to do
Is to go away...

But no!!!
Don't do that!
Stop it!
Just go!
and leave her....

You did it..
You prefer prison
than freedom?
I see that
you're a ghost too now...

His life was precious for her
and hers for him
but only wanted his lover
by his self....

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